Karen DSilva, Founder

Prior to starting Karen Dsilva Creative Services, Karen was a founding partner at Spark Visual Research, a trend and research company designed to help image producers understand the marketplace and create intelligent images. Karen also ran the creative department for Photonica's North American territory; art directed and edited at Getty Images NYC; and helped lead Image Bank's creative department by creating an art direction and production department.

Today, karen DSilva Creative Services is a way for Karen to make use of everything she's learned in her career and help photographers, production companies, and agencies align their businesses to the marketplace. "You might have picked up your first camera as a hobby, but now as professionals, you have consciously made photography your business. This means you need to understand your photo business requires a strong mission statement that is consistent with everything you produce. You need to understand how your vision fits into the marketplace, and which clients share your brand. Further, you need to capture the right moments in order to tell the stories that speak our marketer's language."