Reports & Services

We cater to stock agencies and production houses who need to out-source creative services. The following lists and briefly describes our agency services. We see every client as a unique project; therefore, we suggest the best way to get an idea of how we can best serve you is to contact us so we can have a conversation tailored to your needs.

Collection Audit-We start with your collection architecture: what categories you've set up, and is there depth and breath to the content. Our review process results in a report card listing your strengths, weaknesses, subjects missing, as well discussing the quality of the images themselves.

Creative Strategy-We create a mission statement for your collection that provides a direction for building out or refocusing your library. We define image goals, set stylistic standards, and outline subject categories in order to implement the strategy.

Creative Briefs-These reports are built specifically for your internal creative needs. Their subject matter is determined by your team. Subjects are usually based in the stock photography vernacular - Business, Christmas, Healthy Living - and delivered in a visual method that speaks to the creative mind.

Creative Training-We teach your existing team, or recent creative hires the basic requirements for a salable image: how to edit incoming images, how to work with photography contributors, and, most importantly, how to implement a Creative Strategy and/or direction.

Production Briefs-We deliver tailor-made shoot briefs to your creative department or photographer community. These briefs instruct image production by reporting on highly visual marketplace research. The briefs can be subject-driven, demographic-driven, even trend-driven.

Editing-An edit of the collection, specific categories, or new submissions.

Brainstorms- We host meetings focused on a particular content demand. Through a series of exercises, we come up with as many solutions as possible by pushing ideas as far as possible.

Photographer Recruitment-We can find and recommend photographers who can help you grow your collection.