Strategizing Your Business $800

Often step two follows the website and portfolio reviews. We create a visual strategy report that dissects your photography business into three areas: your visual aesthetic, your brand, and your marketplace stories. When these three areas work together, your work looks consistent, reliable, and desirable to clients.

The report starts by breaking down your signature images: connecting their strengths to define your personal style. We then move on to your weaknesses using marketplace tear sheets to help illustrate how you can improve.

Your Brand is next. What are the characteristics that need to exist in everything you do? Is your brand about finding the magical moments in everyday life? Or maybe it's all about an adrenalin rush or seeking adventure. Are there clients out there that share the same brand story as you?

Lastly we examine the image stories in your portfolio. Are they relevant to your aesthetic and brand? Are there any societal trends you need to include in your body of work? For example, if you consider yourself a family lifestyle shooter, are you casting the right Gen Xer for your parent? Do you show how today's modern Dad is redefining his role in the family? Does your content reflect the trends of GREEN and STAYCATION and how they affect today's family?