Website & Portfolio Reviews starting at $350

What are your goals for your photography business? Do the images on your website and in your printed portfolio reflect your strategy for meeting those goals? The reviews can be on the phone or in person. For up to 2 hours, we will discuss your work and where you want to see your business in the next 12 months. The results of the reviews are outlined in a worksheet identifying your visual strengths, brand characteristics, plus recommendations for building your business.

Website Reviews ($350)

Simply, what are your visual strengths as a photographer? What do you do really well? Do you own this? Let's make sure your website tells the consistent story of what you can do for clients. Does the layout work? Is it on brand with your work? A strong and powerful website has just enough images to convince the client you are the right photographer for the job. The galleries should be a well curated narrative illustrating your range and vision as a photographer.

Printed Portfolio Reviews ($350)

Here we review your work as well as your brand. Which images highlight your photographic strengths? Where are your signature images? Are you creating the right content for clients typically attracted to your style? Does your portfolio have too many images? How does your print portfolio compliment your website? 


Take us up on a free 15 minute consultation. Think of it as a blind date. We'll chat about your work, see if there's a connection. If the fit is right, we can discuss what we can do for you.